Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul

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Dash, jump, deal with security personnel, rob treasures, get away through the city’s roads and turn into the most desired Criminal in city in this Legendary Soul Mission.
Seven distinctive enemies, unlimited city to check out, +50 Loots to get, 5 Epic Challenges, and much more!
Are you quick enough to defeat the whole game?

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Subway Surfers is a platformer/ action game with a technician similar to Temple Run, whereby you have to flee the police located in a dangerous and well, abandoned train station, with locomotives passing by at full-blown speed. You had better be aware! Unlike Temple Run, located in Subway Surfers you do not keep on top of your character with some sort of accelerometer. Instead, you need to shift your personality between variables 'lanes' by swiping you are finger over the screen. Needless to say, it is possible to jump more than roll and obstacles on the floor to dodge many others. You can even use various devices like jetpacks as well skateboards to assist you in their unending competition. Like you may expect in this type of game, you need to complete various hunts where one can get coins to get upgrades. That is nothing brand-new, nonetheless, it is fun nevertheless. Therefore much that sometimes it shall lag within terminals that aren't very powerful. It's heartfelt, the type textures and models certainly are a real treat. Subway Surfers is an extremely entertaining game with a new addictive and basic mechanic. You're kept because of it glued to the display screen all night while attempting to beat our close friend's records, that you can verify on the internet.

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